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Eastea Harmony Loose Black Tea 200 GRM / PKT
Rabea Express Black Tea 100 BAG/PKT
Dilmah Earl Grey Tea 25 Bag /PKT
Dilmah Chamomile Tea 25 Bag /PKT
Dilmah English Tea 25 Bag /PKT
Dilmah Pure Green Tea 25 Bag /PKT
Lipton Yellow Label Tea Catering 100 Bag /PKT
KBOUS Tea 100 Bag /PKT
Brooke Bond Red Label loose Black Tea 800g /PKT
Lipton Yellow Label Tea 100 Bag /PKT
Alwazah tea 100 Bags/PKT
Ahmed Tea English No(1) 100 BAG/PKT
Lipton Green Tea With Mint 100 Bag /PKT
Rabea Express Loose Black Tea 400 GRM / PKT
Lipton Green Tea With Lemon 100 BAG / PKT
Lipton Green Classic Tea 100 Bag /Packet
Rabea Express Green Tea 100 BAG/PKT
Rabie Black Tea Whole Leaf 400 GRM / PKT
Twining's Pure Green Tea 50 BAG / PKT
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